Wisbech & Fenland Museum

Historically Wisbech has a strong association with imaginative and factual writing.

William Godwin
(1756 -1836) born in Wisbech, journalist, political philosopher
and novelist.

Thomas Clarkson (1760 -1846), born in Wisbech , Antislavery campaigner and author.

William Godwin

John Peck

William Hazlitt (1778 -1830) his father became pastor in Wisbech in 1764, Hazlitt was an English writer.

Rev. Jeremiah Jackson (1775 -1857 local vicar began a ‘regular series’ of diary volumes in 1812.

John Peck (1787 -1851) born Newton, near Wisbech. Kept a daily diary from
1814 until he died in 1851.

William Ellis (1794 -1872) Missionary and author. His family moved to Wisbech when he was four.

Octavia Hill (1838 -1912) born in Wisbech, social reformer.

William Digby (1849 -1904), born in Wisbech was a author, journalist and politician.

Rev.Wilbert Vere Awdry (1911 -1997), Vicar of Emneth, creator of Thomas the Tank Engine.

John Gordon (born 1925) is an English writer moved to Wisbech at the age of 12. Author of The Giant Under the Snow.