Wisbech & Fenland Museum
The Education Service offers a wide range of sessions which can be delivered either at the Museum or at your school (Wisbech area schools only). The majority of our sessions are intended for Key Stage One and Two. However we are happy to develop new sessions for older pupils. Please contact info@wisbechmuseum.org.uk or ring 01945 - 583817 to discuss your requirements.

Key Stage One:

Changes within Living Memory

Learn how life used to be for Great Grandma and develop basic observation and investigation skills. Also the 1950's and 1960's and a variety of domestic objects.

Toys Through the Ages

Discovering how toys change due to materials and technology advances. Identifying materials and their properties, playing with old toys, including Victorian toys and making simple toys.

Victorian Day

This is a very flexible day which can be tailored in duration and content to your requirements. Topics include wash day, identifying and matching old and new materials, handling original toys, playing with replica toys, following a museum trail. Children are welcome to come in costume! Please contact the Community Education & Access Worker to arrange your day.


Wisbech has been a market town since Saxon times. Explore objects and images to discover how shopping, packaging and advertising have developed.

Dangers at Sea

Exploring the life of sailors through object handling, a gallery trail plus Pirates activities.

Key Stage Two:

The Ancient Egyptians

An opportunity to find out about life and beliefs in Ancient Egypt by handling original artefacts. Develop observation and deduction skills in this hands-on session.


Comparison of rich and poor children looking at homes, toys and clothes plus discovering the crimes that children committed who were incarcerated in Wisbech prison during the 1800's.

An enquiry based session using objects, maps and photos to find out about how life changed in Wisbech during the Victorian era. Suitable for older KS 2 children. We can include Richard Young and the Port of Wisbech in this session.

The Fens and Farming

This session uses artefacts and gallery trails to discover the history of the fens and farming. You can also meet a Wisewoman to discover how you would be treated for various illnesses.

Romans in Fenland

An evidence-based session looking at why the Romans came to Fenland and what impact their settlement had on the area. Pupils will the learn basic archaeological skills of excavation, recording and identifying artefacts.

Thomas Clarkson and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

This session takes a look at the achievements of Wisbech-born anti-slavery campaigner Thomas Clarkson. Through gallery trails, handling and role play, pupil will also acquire an understanding of the the complex transatlantic slave trade. Suitable for older KS 2 pupils.

Victorian Homes

Find out what life was like for the Victorians by handling domestic artefacts and taking part in wash day. Whole day session includes rag rug making.

World War II: The Home Front

Wisbech received thousands of evacuees during the war years. Find out how local life changed during the war years by handling original artefacts.

The Saxons or Vikings

Which includes a display of household utensils, foods (some of which can be tasted), weaponry, clothes to try on and crafts demonstrated.

Stone Age

This includes object handling, gallery trail plus making paint and creating a cave painting picture. Tools and equipment available at the time.

Bronze Age

This includes object handling and gallery trail plus making and decorating a Bronze Age pot.

Developing a materials/metals and rocks/fossils/dinosaur session.

Most sessions are available as half day (2 hour), all day (4 hour) or on outreach.

Session Charges 2017/ 18

Half day £2 per pupil if more than 25 pupils
All day: £3.00 per pupil if more than 25 pupils
Outreach: Usually £100 per day and £75 for half a day
No charge is made for accompanying adults

Special Educational Needs

The Museum is currently developing sessions for pupils with special needs. If you would like to plan a visit or an outreach session for your class, contact the museum on 01945 583817, or email info@wisbechmuseum.org.uk.


To book, please download and return the Schools Booking Form Download document here. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your visit, please ring 01945 583817, or email info@wisbechmuseum.org.uk.

If your group cannot reach the Museum, let us bring it to you! The Community Education & Access Worker can visit your venue to deliver education sessions, talks, and so on. This service can also help you put on community exhibitions.

Community Loan Boxes

Boxes containing fascinating objects from days gone by have been created from the Museum's Handling Collection and are available on loan to local schools and community groups. In addition to the objects the boxes also contain notes, photos, maps and other supporting resources. The boxes can be used in a number of ways for example to support National Curriculum learning, or in reminiscence sessions.

There is a charge of £10 for loans and boxes which may be borrowed for one or two weeks. For bookings – please ring the Museum 01945 - 583817, or email education@wisbechmuseum.org.uk.

The only box which must be accompanied on loan is Ancient Egypt (this box can only be used in conjunction with a session led by Museum staff).

The boxes currently available are:

Ancient Egypt
Romans in Fenland
Victorian Homes
The Fens and Fenland Farming
Toys and Games
Health & Beauty
The Home Front
Geology (rocks and fossils)